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Short-term holiday rental homes are ideal for those travelling for pleasure or business and do not want to stay in hotels. In addition to the privacy it offers, a holiday home provides exceptionally cosy comfort that crowded hostels and generic hotels simply don’t. In N Out Holidays understands the need to have a homely environment while on travel. looking for short term holiday rentals? In N Out Holidays can offer you a variety of spacious and private housing in Lonavala. Give us a call on 9820093782 to provide us with your specifics.

We Keep Our Clients Satisfied

We can proudly say that our past clients are satisfied with the services we offer and have found our homes clean and well-kept. We strive to keep our rentals in impeccable condition. Most of our holiday homes will include the usual necessities, but all are as advertised. If you have other concerns, our friendly staff will be more than happy to address them.

Best Short-Term Rentals

Whether you are planning a weekend date with your fiance or your family is leaving town for a week or two, we have the best choice of holiday homes for you. Our rentals are geared up for short term holidays, offering the best prices in the industry. Our holiday home rental service includes a great selection of spots with all the amenities you could need for your holidays. Our rentals also vary in price, so we have a location for every budget.

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